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I am cold.
My hands are cold,
at first they were also shaking,
but now I do not feel the cold anymore.
He came to me with a scared look on his face,
I smiled at him while answering his questions.
As I ended I looked at my bare feet,
wondering why he cared.
I had just left my house and parents behind,
they were argueing again, about something trivial,
as always.
He took my cold hands in his warm ones,
trying to warm them up,
I shook my head and smiled sadly.
They would not get any warmer...
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Mature content
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Poets Of The Fall - Late Goodbye
I was on my way home. Finally. My eyes started to hurt.
I kind of felt hollow. Your words still echoing in my head.
I think I'm missing something. This is wasting my time.
I remember lieing on the floor of your flat for a felt eternity.
Crying. Questioning myself. Hurt. Numb.
As soon as you got my reaction, you started to apologize.
I didn't ment it that way...Don't cry...
But it didn't made anything better. Your apologies felt like knives.
Hurting my already broken heart even more and more. Killing it.
In the end I couldn't listen any longer.
Packing my things. Running away from you. Now sitting in the last bus of the day.
In our headlights, staring, bleak, beer cans, deer's eyes
on the asphalt underneath, our crushed plans and your (my) lies
lonely street signs, powerlines, they keep on flashing, flashing by
I have known you almost half a decade. Which doesn't seem long for me now anymore.
Taking out my phone.
Calling my brother, if
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Sonnenuntergang - Sunset
Die Flasche wiegt schwer in der Hand
Ihr Blick ist trüb
Die Beine eng an den Körper gezogen
Starr in die Ferne blickend
Immer wieder die Flasche absetztend
Scheiternd bei dem Versuch sich aufzurappeln
Seufzend, nachdenkend
Die Sonne geht unter
taucht den Himmel in ein weiches Lavendel
The bottle weighs heavy in the hand
Her eyes are cloudy
The legs are drawn tightly against the body
Numbly gazing into the distance
Again and again, setting down the bottle
Failing in the attempt to pick herself together
With a sigh, thinking
The sun sets
bathes the sky in a soft lavender
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Nachtschwaermer - Nighthawks
Die Straßen waren dunkel und leer, selbst in den hohen Gebäuden brannte nur noch in wenigen ein Licht. Ein Geschäft jedoch, an einer Kreuzung gelegen, war noch mit hellem gelbem Licht erfüllt.
Der glatzköpfige Mann an der Bar spülte einige Gläser, während er mit dem Mann, der vor kurzem mit einer rothaarigen Frau in Kostüm eingetreten war, redete. Sofort nachdem sich das Paar gesetzt hatte, hatte der Mann in seiner Jacketttasche gewühlt und eine Zigaretten hervorgeholt und angezündet und nun unterhielt er sich mit dem Barmann über eine geeignete Unterkunft für sich und seine Begleiterin. Ein Mann, der etwas weiter entfernt von ihnen saß, blickte nachdenklich in sein Whiskyglas und schielte ab und an zu ihnen hinüber. Während die Frau sich in einem Handspiegel betrachtete, hier und dort über ihr Gesicht strich und zwischendurch ihr Haar anhob und es wieder fallen ließ, waren die beiden Männer
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Phrases of the Night 1
Someone, who has no mercy does not deserve any either.
Remember this well!
So do not complain when I am paying you back.
I will NOT show any mercy at all.
Remember it well!
You destroyed me...
...and I will destroy you, more.
Remember me well!
This revenge tastes bittersweet...
...but sweet atleast
Remember it well!
I am not resentful.
I am just not forgetting and forgiving this easily!
Remember this well!
I am giving back what you gave me.
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Hay :)

I don't even know, if someone ever read this Bio or not xD

A lot changed since I updated my Bio last time, e.g. I came out to all my friends and some of my family!
I changed most of my online alias' from female to male ones and so on!

I'm studying Social Work now, stopped drawing but in exchange I started writing - a lot!
Stories not uploaded here, they're in german so...

Yeah...well...I don't know anything else, but as always you can ask me anything, if you want! :)



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